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2010: A Pivotal year

It was a number of events and experiences that stirred our hearts to consider full-time cross-cultural work again.

I was still Operational Manager at Kingfisher Mobilizing Center, but my heart was not in the office anymore. I was enjoying the cross-cultural mobilizing training events and wanted to be even more involved. I lost my appetite for the administrative work in the office and was looking for more opportunities to be involved in training events.

2010 was the year for another World Cup Soccer event and South Africa were hosting it. We were involved with the outreach events organized by DRC Stellenberg and in preparation of the outreach teams, Floyd McClung was one of the mobilizer / speakers on several occasions. His passion for lost and marginalized people stirred our hearts and when we heard of the All Nations base at Africa House in Noordhoek, we were immediately interested in the work done there, led by Floyd McClung.

Towards the end of 2010 we enrolled in a disciplemaking programme presented by All Nations in Noordhoek, called the "Jesus Disciplemaking Experience - JDx". This provided us with a whole new perspective on evangelism and we got really excited to think that we could have another chance at full-time cross-cultural work applying the principles of disciplemaking we learnt at All Nations.

We started applying what we learnt during the first half of 2011, by starting a Discovery Bible Study group with friends to practice the principles. It worked well and we started to explore our options for a new full-time cross cultural assignment. We participated in a "JDx" training as facilitators for All Nations and we attended their monthly 'general meetings' to stay updated with events and feedback from Africa and abroad.

During September 2011 Theunis received an e-mail that started a new chapter in our lives....

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