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Updated: Apr 19

In the run up to our date of departure we became very aware of the "fullness" of the passage in Luke 10. As the time drew closer, we were more aware of phrases like "Go! I am sending you like lambs among wolves", and we focused on raising prayer support for the visit to Turkey.

All Nations were very accustomed at sending people out for short and longer term cross-cultural missions. The missionaries would share about their plans and then the attendees would share words of wisdom and affirmation, prophecies and prayers to encourage the missionaries.

About one month before our departure we were at their monthly prayer meeting. They asked us to share about our planned journey so that they could encourage us and pray for us. This was a very special moment for us and we felt part of a special group that cared for us. Leaving from the All Nations base that morning, Magda mentioned that although the prayers were very special, there was no words of wisdom and encouragement or prophecies forthcoming that morning.

Our support group organized a farewell meeting at the iConnect Tent where we attended Sunday services. They invited different people who showed interest in our journey and was willing to support us in different ways. That night, some of the attendees shared about pictures of lemons and roses with thorns when they prayed for us. This was a bit unsettling but, we left that night feeling blessed and cared for in many ways and we felt ready for the journey ahead.

It was a few days before our departure and we did not make any reservations for places to stay in Turkey. We were certain that God would provide what we need as we journey through Turkey. One morning during that week I saw a post on my Facebook from a friend I worked with 7 years ago on the school project in Istanbul. He asked when we plan to come to Turkey again. I answered him that we plan to arrive on the 18th of August.

Our son called during that week before our departure and asked about our plans. Knowing us as very organized people who always plan well in advance, he was puzzled by our decision not to make any reservations for places to stay - not even the first night! We assured him that we were certain that God will provide a place as needed.

The next day the friend on Facebook invited us to come and stay at his house after arrival! I called our son and shared the news with him. Our prayers were answered! God provided a place to stay for the first night and we felt certain that this was an assurance of Gods' provision for us.

That night we boarded the airplane to Istanbul at Cape Town International Airport.

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